PhD dissertations

PhD dissertations defended since 2015:

Gabriella Kosztolányi-Iván: Recognition of road classes based on road layout as seen by drivers (2015)

Róbert Koch: Hydrological evaluation of karst springs (2016)

Dániel Miletics: Safety impacts of auxiliary lanes at junctions outside built-up areas (2016)

Zoltán Major: Analysis of embedded rail structures and the development of their complex design method (2016)

Mattias Juhász: Impact assessment and evaluation of urban transport infrastructure measures (2018)

Petra Szakonyi: Impact of European Union-funded developing environmentally friendly modes of transport on urban quality of life (2018)

Zsolt Bencze: Texture change of combed surface concrete road pavements during their lifetime (2018)


Current PhD students and their research topics (February 2020):

Csaba Ágh: Railway car dynamics in correlation with track geometry irregularities

Firas Alsilibe: Adaptation and impact assessment of climate change in Barada River Basin, Syria

Gergely Ámon: Hydrologic, and hydrodynamic analyses of small watersheds

Balázs Eller: Strengthening railway substructure using modern technologies

Pál Hegyi: Relations between road network topology and traffic safety in cities

Erika Juhász: Assessment of railway ballast particle degradation

Khalil Khaska: Road design parameters and autonomous vehicles

Ahmad Kizawi: Conflict analysis of vehicle pedestrian interactions using extreme value theory

Zsófia Magyari: Visibility studies at road intersections

Kevin Mátyás: Modelling the effects of climate change on water resources in western Hungary

Gergő Murinkó: Modelling the hydrology and slope stability of the bank of the Danube and the dewatering system efficiency

Richard Nagy: Analysis of the degradation process of railway tracks

Attila Németh: Analysis of the use of glued insulated rail joints with special plastic and steel fishplates in continuously welded tracks

Souvanthone Phetoudom: Pedestrian level of service in different countries

Samah Salman: Pedestrians and autonomous vehicles’ communication

Gergely Szücs: Autonomous vehicles in urban settings



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