Our History

City of Győr

Győr_oldGyőr was always an important school district. After State and church operated elementary, middle and high schools from the VIII century upper level education is started. From 1718 in the Jesuit academe education in religion, social sciences, and law started. Education in the king academe of Győr started in 1776. Many important Hungarian Politian, writers were educated at this academe in the last two centuries.

Széchényi István University

Univesity_build1968 is the next important date, since the transportation and távközlés technical college was established.

In 1986 the college was named after one of the most famous Hungarian István Széchenyi (Count István Széchenyi, was a Hungarian politician, theorist and writer, one of the greatest statesmen of the Hungarian history  WIKIPEDIA-Link)


CollegeThe college education expanded in 1990. Started to teach and give degrees in economics, health science, and social workers. Later the music school was established. Finally, in 2002 the college was awarded the university status. In this year law education started as well.




The university was awarded EU funds in 2013 to renovate the main building, and dorms and surrounding area. The construction was finished in 2014.

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Dr. Attila Borsos, PhD
programme coordinator
Infrastructure Civil Engineering MSc
Department of Transport Infrastructure and Water Resources Engineering
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Dr. János Szép, PhD
programme coordinator
Civil Engineering BSc
Department of Structural and Geotechnical Engineering
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Andrea Lazányi
Department of Transport Infrastructure and Water Resources Engineering
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